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The two little puppies, temporarily named Browny and Blacky, visited the veterinarian over the weekend. Each puppy was given a dip for their mange, medicine for deworming, their first vaccination, a dose of Revolution to kill off any remaining mange, and antibiotics. To date, their treatment has cost $335.13! It just goes to show you what these two puppies have been going through. To help pay for this bill, 15% of any purchase of any of my crocheted items at Etsy and at the Thursday Street Market will go towards this bill. So, if you find anything you like, rest assured that your purchase will help these two puppies.

Look at them now. Feeling so much better, they are a bundle of energy waiting for a new home.
Blacky home from the vet
Browny home from the vet
Browny home from the vet

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