How to Make An Adjustable Strap: Tutorial

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Here are a two very detailed tutorials on how to make an adjustable strap. Creating an adjustable strap is a little tricky because you have to weave in both the adjustable slide and rectangle ring in the correct position. However, these two tutorials do a great job in explaining when and how to weave in the adjustable slide and rectangle ring.


  1. 1 Adjustable Slide (The width of the slide must be the width of your handle)
  2. Fabric (2 to 4 times as wide as the finished handle) or webbing
  3. 1 Connection piece (This is most traditionally a rectangle ring but this can be an o ring or d ring as well)
  4. Optional 2 connection piece (To make the finished bag balanced, you may want to add the second connection piece. this is not required because you can just sew one side of the handle directly onto your bag. This optional piece is marked #4 on the second tutorial.)

If you are a very visual person, this is a great youtube video created by Homespun Threads.

If you like step by step written instructions, I have found this tutorial at DIY Bag Patterns very nicely written up.

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    thank you so much, i went to another and was left confused..yours is simple consise and wonderful..i’ve saved this site in my documents..i’ll be doing this quite often now.

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