Win a handmade prize made by animal lovers!

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These are beautiful prizes just waiting for a home! One lucky safari contestant will win. All you need to do is find three animals, which can be found in any of the listings here:

Craft Tutorials

I just found an animal wandering around waiting for safari contestants to find him. He doesn’t want to hide anymore so he’s poked his head out here.


now you just need to find two more animals! its easy and fun 🙂

More info here:

Gift of Giving Sale: 10% to the Animals

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As we approach the holiday season, TS thought it fitting to extend the gift of giving to animals dear to our heart. Due to Pam’s recent blog post about The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, TS has extended its donation to animal charity to 10% to the Elephant Sanctuary from November 5 to January 5.

This sales campaign applies to the TS store, TS Artfire, TS Etsy, and TS Zibbet.

This sales campaign originally started as a sale in conjunction with SFEtsy so come and check out the other SFEtsy sales by searching for “SFholiday” on etsy.

Why we use

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Now that sells USPS international first class postage I use it to ship all my items around the world. I love the fact that it imports information directly from paypal, lets you create shipping labels with quickbooks, and shows the status of the shipment without having to individually click each shipment.

In addition, you can easily print a scan form that is used at the post office to show the items were accepted to at the post office. (No more having to explain to the customer that the item was dropped off but never scanned – no more messages with delivery confirmation saying that the post office was only electronically notified of a shipment.)

Before I was using But I find with the importing process reducing my time preparing shipping its a much better deal.

And the reason why I use over paypal shipping?
1. You can use credit card (that’s 1% cash back with my credit card!)
2. You can pick and choose which packages are listed in your scan form – remember once you get that scan form scanned none of the postage is refundable so its always nice to be able to choose which packages are included in the scan form.
3. Its easy to see the status of your shipment as it shows there without needing to click. Imagine having to click every single item – that would take me some time.

You can try it out too! First month free by using the coupon below.

One Off Swivel Clips and Save!

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***NOW US$17.83 + free shipping

At Tantalizing Stitches, every swivel clip is hand tested in two aspects:
—- the swivel is tested for 360 degree rotation
—- the clip is tested for springy-ness.

Often people don’t need the clip to swivel 360 degrees and when that’s the case they save!!!! While these swivel clips have not been tested for clip springyness (as they didn’t pass the first cut for rotation) about 90% of the clips perfectly useful as clips if you don’t need the rotation aspect!

Material: Zinc alloy
Finish: Nickel plated (silver color)
Length / Size: 23.5 mm / almost 1 inch

***NOW US$17.83 + free shipping

***Normally US$22.40 + shipping
***Only sold in quantities of 100
This item can be purchased here.

Blueberries for Sal Treasury!

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Yikes! I’m ecstatic! I just found my mohair crocheted flowers in the Blueberries for Sal Treasury, picked by quirkybags. I’m thrilled!?!?!?!!

Blueberries for Sal Treasury

Tantalize Your Baby with Crochet!

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Take a peak at my baby items.

Baby Gallery


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Did you find me in the etsy forum? If not, search for one of my posts there. After you make a purchase of any of my crochet at my etsy store, include in the comment a link to one of my posts and I’ll pay for your domestic shipping costs (international shipping will be discounted)! Either, wait for a revised invoice or pay by paypal and I’ll refund you. This does not apply to the supplies section.

And remember, 15% of the sale price of all crochet items go to the HELP THE PUPPIES Campaign!

Indie fashion = indie fun!

Featured in Crafted With Love

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The Crafted With Love organization donates 100% of its profits to non-profit animal organizations. Of course I just had to donate some of my crochet. So, take a look around, especially at the flower hair pin and Grammy’s Watermelon Tropical Flower Brooch. Also, I’ll be directing customers who are interested in my Grammy’s Watermelon Tropical Flower Brooch in my etsy store to kindly purchase the ones at Crafted with Love.

C is for Celestial!

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C is for Celestial Baby PillowIn the normal course of things, C is for cat. For the month of August, however, FAST members have been challenged to create fiber art items with a “Celestial” theme. So, for the month of August, “C is for Celestial!” Take a look!

Two Minty Treasuries

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I just can’t believe it. Both my Tantalizing Minty Newborn Booties and my Tantalizing Minty Newborn Hat were chosen for two different treasuries! The first treasury is called SAINTS or SINNERS? and the second treasury is called Aaahhhhqua. Take a look by clicking the links.
Saints or Sinners Treasury
Aaahhhhqua Treasury

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