Carnival of Colors

The colors that one sees is due to nothing but the slight difference in wavelength but with these slight differences comes a carnival of colors from: shellmitchell: Pink and Teal Cute Mittens winddancer: HAND PAINTED GREEN BAMBOO FABRIC whitestone: Monchichis Big Day Plus Size Skirt auntifranni: monogrammed can koozie littlepretties: green spring. toddler dress sonitastreasures: […]

Madison's Who's Who is a SCAM

I had this post on my previous Saipan blog, which no longer exists. Because there was so much interest in this post, I thought it was best to repost it here. ————————– If you are into paying to get recognition, then Madison’s Who’s Who is for you. If you feel that recognition should be awarded […]

Palau Inspiration

I am hoping that my trip to Palau will give me inspiration for new ideas. Palau is known for its great fish and diving spots. Besides the diving, which I could not pass up, we are going on the Rock Island tour and I hope to see some jellyfish and monstrous clams. It should be […]

Welcome to My Blog

ElWelcome to my blog. My name is El and I am the founder, designer, and administrator of Tantalizing Stitches – I do everything here, even website design. My favorite past time is indulging in the art of crochet. However, since I have started to line my crocheted handbags with fabric, I have began to dabble in sewing and have contemplated embroidering.

In this blog, I hope to post my progress through various projects as well as crafting tips and selling tips that I have found useful.