TS Baby is turning one year old!

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How time flies. TS twin baby is almost one year old. She has kept us busy so we haven’t had time to update our blog but I thought you’d like to see what she has been up to.

She made big stride from birth weight of 3 pounds to now almost 20 pounds! She was eating through a tube to her stomach and now she demands being breast fed and loves to eat everything but wasabi (yes she accidentally got a smidgen of that!). She spent almost three weeks in the incubator and now she is crawling around and standing up holding the furniture. She loves to chase the dogs and eat rocks. She loves to go out shopping and watching birds.  She loves music class and swimming with momma. She also loves to help fold her diapers.

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Our New Addition

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Cutie KKkk arrived in May and is our newest addition to the TS family. 3 lb., 16 inches. Our NICU baby is healthy and strong. Her favorite past time is kangaroo time with mommy and daddy. She rather not deal with painful poopy time.

Feel free to leave her well wishes in the comments below!

BOGO: 14mm gold color magnetic snaps

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We are discontinuing our 14mm regular gold color magnetic snaps! This means buy one, get one free for our customers until supplies last. You can find the listing here at shop.tantalizingstitches.com. The free items will show up automatically in your shopping cart.

We also have several other items on sale as well and can be found here.

July 15 is Pet Fire Safety Day

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July 15 is Pet Fire Safety Day, which is a great time to review quick pet fire safety tips!

Some precautions that should be taken to keep pets safe, especially from home fires, include:

  • Display a “pet alert” window cling, indicating number of animals in the household. Feel free to print the image below.pet tag
  • Pet-proof the home
  • Crate or secure young animals
  • Establish pet-friendly escape routes

Review some other great tips below.


Cute Doggie Rain Coat with Magnetic Snap Closure

Posted under Blog,Updates by admin on Thursday 12 April 2012 at 6:27 pm

These are the cutest doggie rain coats that I have ever seen. And now, no need to fiddle with velcro because it closes with a hidden magnetic snap! You can find these exclusively handmade at Smug Pup.

Multi-color Polka Dot Baby Shoes Slippers Booties

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Oh! These little handmade booties are so cute! You can find them at Sacs Jolie.

Here is a little bit about the artist in her own words:

I am a working mom and use sewing (among other crafts) as a creative outlet and stress therapy. I have helped others with their Etsy shops and decided that it was time to have one of my own. I chose bags [of all kinds] as my forte’ because I [personally] LOVE BAGS!! It doesn’t matter what kind; tote bags, cosmetic bags, messenger bags, large bags, small bags, you name it , I love bags (and I enjoy designing and making them)!

Hobo purse by thepokeyrose

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I just love the style and fabric patterns of the Hobo purses handmade by The Pokey Rose.

Here is a little bit about the artist in her own words:

I am infatuated with color, texture, and pattern and find an outlet in sewing with designer fabrics. My signature style is dazzling fabrics in unexpected places. I have a range of items from small and sweet to big and useful. Please look around and I hope you will treat yourself to one of these lovely items if only for the love of the fabric!

TS Supports the Elephant Sanctuary

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Tantalizing Stitches currently supports The Elephant Sanctuary. Located in Tennessee, The Elephant Sanctuary was founded in 1995 and is the nation’s largest natural habitat refuge developed specifically for endangered African and Asian elephants.

El (TS owner) chose this charity because the Sanctuary provides love and care to her favorite animals – elephants.

Pam first introduced El to The Elephant Sanctuary in 2010, when she wrote about Amanda’s work at the Sanctuary.

Beautiful Handmade Checkbook Covers and Bags

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Look at these beautiful checkbook covers and bags available at The Pokey Rose. These bags and checkbook covers utilize magnetic snaps available at Tantalizing Stitches.

Beautiful Bags with Adjustable Straps

Posted under Adjustable Strap Set,Bag Makin' Supplies,Blog,Updates by admin on Saturday 6 August 2011 at 11:06 am

I always wonder what my customers are up to and sometimes I am lucky enough to find out. Here are a couple of projects done by a customer using some adjustable plastic straps (I am a shiny metal nut so I don’t carry plastic findings at this time). This same type of project can, of course, be made using metal slides to create an adjustable straps.

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