Installing Hidden Sew In Magnetic Snaps

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Aren’t these little magnets cool? You can make a closure and never see it. But…. how do you install them?????

Well, I was going to create an instruction on how to do this but Linda Matthews has done such a great job that I will just direct you to her site here and here.

Also, Christine suggests another way to install invisible magnetic snaps here.

If you have additional suggestions on how to install these magnets please let me know. When I get enough suggestions, I will do a round up on the different techniques.

Eye Glass Case by Bagalicious

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eye-case-spiderman Would you suspect that these eye glass cases were handmade? If not, think again. They are designed and created by Bagalicious and available for purchase. She has many fabric patterns available for these eye glasses and because these are handmade you can probably request something special for you or your friend. Just check out her fabric choices and send her a message through facebook, twitter, or etsy.

eye-case-orangeThere are many reasons to purchase anything handmade, but the best reason I find for these eye glass case is that you can match them to your bag, purse, wristlet, ipod case or about any other container that you have in mind. I especially like these eye glass case because it creatively used my hidden sew in magnetic snaps. Being a bag fan, I have a one track mind – providing hardware for bag makers – but as you can see there are many uses for these hidden magnetic snaps.

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