BOGO: 14mm gold color magnetic snaps

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We are discontinuing our 14mm regular gold color magnetic snaps! This means buy one, get one free for our customers until supplies last. You can find the listing here at The free items will show up automatically in your shopping cart.

We also have several other items on sale as well and can be found here.

Beautiful Handmade Checkbook Covers and Bags

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Look at these beautiful checkbook covers and bags available at The Pokey Rose. These bags and checkbook covers utilize magnetic snaps available at Tantalizing Stitches.

Beautiful Bags with Adjustable Straps

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I always wonder what my customers are up to and sometimes I am lucky enough to find out. Here are a couple of projects done by a customer using some adjustable plastic straps (I am a shiny metal nut so I don’t carry plastic findings at this time). This same type of project can, of course, be made using metal slides to create an adjustable straps.

Nice Handbag Made by OLORIAS

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I always love to see what my customers are up to. This bag was made by OLORIAS. This fabric was originally purchased to make accessories for her friend Susannah. As luck has it, Susannah rescues cats. Susannah had placed a cat in a local nursery and was missing him terribly so OLORIAS decided to cheer her up with this animal oriented fabric. OLORIAS then used the left over material to make this bag. I love the color coordination and the shiny metal fittings. I am a sucker for anything shiny (most women are) and that’s part of the reason why I am in the business of metal bag fittings.

The bag pattern is an adaptation of a pattern of Heather Bailey from her book Smarty Girl Book Bag. OLORIAS added some creative changes in the strap. See the 2″ spring hooks and 1″ d rings?

A Lovely One of a Kind Backpack

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This backpack is so beautiful! What first struck me is the fabric! So I made my complement of awe to Stephanie and do you know what she said? This fabric is just plain canvas. But….. Stephanie spent hours painting the canvas to make it just right.

You can see in the second picture just how she created the flowers on the flap and the backside.

Oh. and look at all the hardware she used: swivel clips, d rings, rivets/grommets, and plastic slides.

This project was well planned so you can only guess how long it took to make? 12 hours! Wow, what patience. (I can imagine this does not include the shopping time to pick out all the supplies.) The bag is a little smaller than a regular backpack, about 12″ wide and 16″ tall. Stephanie plans to use it for the summer and made it just large enough to fit her sketchbook, sweater and water bottle.

Stephanie is the woman behind Soluci where she provides a little bit of handmade, vintage, and craft items.

(If you’d like your craft project featured on Tantalizing Stitches, please contact .)

How to Make An Adjustable Strap: Tutorial

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Here are a two very detailed tutorials on how to make an adjustable strap. Creating an adjustable strap is a little tricky because you have to weave in both the adjustable slide and rectangle ring in the correct position. However, these two tutorials do a great job in explaining when and how to weave in the adjustable slide and rectangle ring.


  1. 1 Adjustable Slide (The width of the slide must be the width of your handle)
  2. Fabric (2 to 4 times as wide as the finished handle) or webbing
  3. 1 Connection piece (This is most traditionally a rectangle ring but this can be an o ring or d ring as well)
  4. Optional 2 connection piece (To make the finished bag balanced, you may want to add the second connection piece. this is not required because you can just sew one side of the handle directly onto your bag. This optional piece is marked #4 on the second tutorial.)

If you are a very visual person, this is a great youtube video created by Homespun Threads.

If you like step by step written instructions, I have found this tutorial at DIY Bag Patterns very nicely written up.

At Tantalizing Stitches, you can find bag making supplies such as rectangle rings, slides, o rings, d rings, and much more. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Key Rings Demystified!

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Key rings are so simple yet so complicated. Deciding on the finish is only the first step. Then, you need to decide on the size.

Its easy to size out your key rings when you have them in your hand since you can tell if you like the size. However, there are several measurements you must consider before shopping online.

There are three measurements, two of which can be used to calculate the third measurement. These are:

  1. Outside diameter
  2. Inside diameter
  3. Gauge (width of the metal)

Although the picture to the left is an O ring, it will help visualize the various measurements I am referring to.

If you like mathematics then you can see that:

[outside diameter] = [inside diameter] + 2x[gauge].
Don’t forget that you have to add the gauge twice because we are measuring the diameter. (At one point I had only added it in once, causing me massive confusion.)

When I first started TS, I did not realize there was an inside and outside diameter. So, when I switched suppliers I accidentally ordered slightly larger key rings. After speaking with my supplier, I realized it was because my previous supplier spoke in regards to the outside diameter while my new supplier described items in terms of inside diameter. Most people simply speak of “diameter” so if you are looking for an exact size key ring, make sure you ask whether they are referring to the inside or outside diameter.

So now, in terms of TS key rings, here are the sizes (based on inside diameter) and finishes we provide:

  1. 21.6mm copper split key rings (1.7mm gauge)
  2. 23mm nickel and antique brass split key rings (2mm diameter)
  3. 25mm antique brass split key rings (2mm diameter)

If you are looking for a larger or smaller key ring, please email . We are gradually increasing our selection and would love to hear what you are looking for.

How to Install DIY Key FOB Set Hardware

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The not so new fad are these clever FOB sets. They can be used as an extension of your key chain for easy identification or, if long enough, as an easy way to carry your keys (anything in my hands are immediately placed somewhere and never to be found.)

Some people also use the FOB kit to create the strap part of the wristlet.

The FOB kit is easily assembled. To make a basic fob, choose your choice of 1.25″ cotton webbing. (For more personality, sew a ribbon onto the cotton webbing.)

Fold the webbing in half (if you added ribbon, make sure the ribbon faces outwards.)

Then, sandwich the webbing inside the flat area of the Key Fob Hardware.

Use pliars to close shut. (You may want to protect the metal by covering it with scrap fabric to prevent the pliars from scratching it.)

It takes practice but the end result is your own very key FOB.

If you don’t feel like making one (or perhaps you don’t have all those unique webbing, ribbons, or embroidery machine, check out Paper on Parade on Zibbet. She has a great selection of sizes and styles that you’ll love.

Gift of Giving Sale: 10% to the Animals

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As we approach the holiday season, TS thought it fitting to extend the gift of giving to animals dear to our heart. Due to Pam’s recent blog post about The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, TS has extended its donation to animal charity to 10% to the Elephant Sanctuary from November 5 to January 5.

This sales campaign applies to the TS store, TS Artfire, TS Etsy, and TS Zibbet.

This sales campaign originally started as a sale in conjunction with SFEtsy so come and check out the other SFEtsy sales by searching for “SFholiday” on etsy.

Ribbon Belts

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I’ve been wanting to make some ribbon belts to match my Josie Cloche and was about to purchase 1.5″ d rings, since I do not yet supply them in my Tantalizing Stitches store. However, I got to thinking, why not try the 1.5″ rectangle rings? Well I did and I love them. Take a look.

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