Help From PAWS

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PAWS has helped in paying for half of the veterinarian bills for the two puppies, which is a big help. My goal, however, is to raise enough funds to return that portion to the organization so I have left the campaign bar for the entire amount.

EFA Treasury

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Michele of mvegan5 created an EFA Treasury and it currently includes my Blue Tulucia Machika Cloche. In celebration, Tantalizing Stitches will donate 50% of all crochet sales (instead of the usual 15%) during the duration of the treasury. Just mention the EFA treasury during checkout.

Tantalizing Stitches Online!

Posted under Charities,Crochet,Help the Puppies!,Sales by admin on Sunday 8 July 2007 at 4:55 pm is now online and ready for business! In celebration of its grand opening, Tantalizing Stitches is giving away a matching crocheted flower with the first ten leis purchased.

In addition, 15% of all crochet sales are donated to help the puppies.

Custom orders are welcomed.

Puppies Find Home

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The two cute little puppies were so happy on Saturday as they were taken home by a loving family. Already home of several cats and dogs, the puppies are sure to have a great time with their new family. Thanks to the Saipan Tribune for publishing an article on them.

Busy with the Puppies

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There have been so few posts because I have been so busy with the pups. They are just begging for me to find them a home so me and my friend created a flyer for them. Please pass them out! Thanks. Puppies Flyer in PDF

Puppies Friday Update

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Blacky Needs HomeBrowny Needs HomeThe puppies are growing and gaining spasmatic energy by the minute. They just need a home in Saipan! Just look how cute they are!

Browny When FoundLook at this ‘before’ picture. Their health has improved so much with the help of proper nutrition, medical attention, and antibiotics. So far, $5.55 has been raised to pay the veterinary bill. Please help by donating or buying crocheted items at my etsy store. 100% of all donations and 15% of all sales of crocheted items will go toward their bill.

Etsy For Animals!

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I just joined the Etsy for Animals: Artists Helping Animal (EFA). EFA is a street team or group of artists and craftspeople on who donate some portion of their sales to animal rescues and charities. Right now, I am working on saving these two little puppies. Fifteen percent of all sales of my crochet items will be donated to these two puppies (that includes my etsy shop and my street market booth – every Thursday).


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The two little puppies, temporarily named Browny and Blacky, visited the veterinarian over the weekend. Each puppy was given a dip for their mange, medicine for deworming, their first vaccination, a dose of Revolution to kill off any remaining mange, and antibiotics. To date, their treatment has cost $335.13! It just goes to show you what these two puppies have been going through. To help pay for this bill, 15% of any purchase of any of my crocheted items at Etsy and at the Thursday Street Market will go towards this bill. So, if you find anything you like, rest assured that your purchase will help these two puppies.

Look at them now. Feeling so much better, they are a bundle of energy waiting for a new home.
Blacky home from the vet
Browny home from the vet
Browny home from the vet


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UPDATES: Update 1

Black Puppy Needing HomeThe life of a stray puppy in Saipan is bleak. With no animal cruelty laws and no homeless shelter, they are left to their own demise, unless they are fortunate enough to be found by a caring human.

Brown Puppy Needing HomeJust a couple of days ago, two puppies landed on my front driveway. Both have the heart of a tiger but they need help. They have mange, although the brown one has it significantly more. They both are at a good weight but I do not know how old they are. Its often difficult to find a home for sick puppies, so I have decided to sell my crocheted items for their benefit at my etsy shop – at least 15% of each purchase will go towards them. If there is excess funds, they will be donated to PAWS, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping out animals in need. For those people in Saipan, contact me directly so I can save you on shipping (I’ll drop it off to you).

If you are interested in adopting these puppies, contact El.

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