One Off Swivel Clips and Save!


***NOW US$17.83 + free shipping

At Tantalizing Stitches, every swivel clip is hand tested in two aspects:
—- the swivel is tested for 360 degree rotation
—- the clip is tested for springy-ness.

Often people don’t need the clip to swivel 360 degrees and when that’s the case they save!!!! While these swivel clips have not been tested for clip springyness (as they didn’t pass the first cut for rotation) about 90% of the clips perfectly useful as clips if you don’t need the rotation aspect!

Material: Zinc alloy
Finish: Nickel plated (silver color)
Length / Size: 23.5 mm / almost 1 inch

***NOW US$17.83 + free shipping

***Normally US$22.40 + shipping
***Only sold in quantities of 100
This item can be purchased here.

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