Magento Bundled Product Fix – Eliminating the Quantity Box

If your shop is set up anything like the TS shop, you don’t want that pesky quantity box at the bottom of your “Bundled Product”. There is an easy way to fix this – get rid of it in all your “Bundled Product” item pages. This is what aclever magento forum poster, tzyganu, suggested in this post.


To do this, you will need to edit your template. Go to this file:

Save a copy of this file as addtocart.phtml.bak.

Now, edit the original file. Look for: “<!–?php if(!$_product—>isGrouped()”. Also, find the <!–?php endif; ?–>. In between these two, you should find a <label> and a</label>.

Delete this entire code and insert:
<!–?php if(!$_product—>isGrouped() &amp;&amp; $_product-&gt;getTypeId() != Mage_Catalog_Model_Product_Type::TYPE_BUNDLE): ?&gt;
<label for=”qty”><!–?php echo $this—>__(‘QTY’) ?&gt;:</label>

<input id=”qty” maxlength=”12″ name=”qty” type=”text” value=”&lt;?php echo $this-&gt;getMinimalQty($_product)== null?1:$this-&gt;getMinimalQty($_product) ?&gt;” />

<!–?php endif; ?–>

Now, double check your your work by visiting the product page of your bundle product and place the item in your shopping cart. Is the price coming up correctly? If not, it may be because you have set a minimum quantity greater than 1.

To fix this, go to “System” -&gt; “Configuration”.

Then go to the “Catalog” section on the left side and click “Inventory”.

Under “Product Stock Options” you will find “Minimum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart”. Make sure there is nothing inserted there.

Your Bundled Product should now work without the quantity box in the item page.

Please let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below!

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