Gorilla Marketing – Car Magnets

tsmagnetI have been trying several different ways to get the word out about Tantalizing Stitches. There is always advertising on websites but why not advertise on your own car? Many large companies do this by placing their brand on their own delivery trucks so why not place your own brand on your car?

I have convinced both my brother and dad to allow me to do this to their car so I have three cars running around the Bay Area with my brand.

I have found that the best price for large car magnets are offered at 123print.com. I purchased four very large magnets (12″x24″) for a total of $46.16 – this includes shipping and tax. And now, I’ve just received an email for 20% off the medium and large size: just use this link – http://www.123print.com/Car-Magnets?redir=EE943A – Its an affiliate link!

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  1. Another advertising technique…

    Have you thought of sticking a magnet to your car? read more at my base blog here: http://www.tantalizingstitches.com/blog1/gorilla-marketing-car-magnets/……

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