Fixing the Quirks on Bundled Product in Magento

The TS shop is run on the open source Magento platform. I am proud to say that with the exception of one instance, I have been able to fix my shop all by myself. Yes, I am a proud DIYer.

Like any other shop software, I run into problems. When I do, I immediately do a search and sometimes I find the answer. The hard part is figuring out the lingo people use regarding the issue at hand.

Today, for the first time, I tried setting up a “bundled item” to allow my customers to mix different finishes or sizes in one listing and get the bulk rate. I had several obstacles:

  1. No easy way to provide a bulk rate discount. SOLUTION: Set up “Shopping Cart Price Rules” – see below
  2. Input quantity provided at bottom of my product page. SOLUTION: Manually edit the template – see the upcoming June 8 post
  3. “As low as” price displays preconfigured low price. SOLUTION: Remove “As low as” price – see the upcoming June 10 post
  4. No minimum quantity for the “bundled item”. SOLUTION: – coming soon

1. BULK RATE DISCOUNT VIA “Shopping Cart Price Rules”
This is a little tricky. My ideal price rules are such that when a customer purchases 100, they get a price break. Then, 240. Then, 600.

To make something like this, I first had to determine the total price of 100 pieces at the normal price. So if the normal price is $1/piece, 100 pieces would be $100. 240 pieces would be $240. 600 pieces would be $600.

Now, after logging into the admin side of Magento, create your bundled product via Catalog –> Manage Products. Remember to SKU for that product.

Note that because I have three price levels, I will be making three rules.
Look for PROMOTIONS –> Shopping Cart Price Rules.

Click “Add New Rule.”

Fill in the “Rule Information” based on your own parameters.

In “Conditions”, click on the “+” and then choose “Product Attribute Combination”.

Click the “+” directly below and choose “SKU”. Type in the SKU of the bundled product.

A. Again, click the “+” directly below and choose “Price in Cart”. Type in the price of 100 pieces ($100). Then, change the “is” to “equal or greater than”.

B. Again, click the “+” directly below and choose “Price in Cart”. Type in the price of 240 pieces ($240). Then, change the “is” to “less than”.

Now click “Save Rule.”

C. Now, go to “Actions.” I chose “Apply Percent of product price discount”. Then after determining what price you want per piece, you insert the percentage discount.

At the bottom, you will see “Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions (leave blank for all items)”. Below that, click the “+” and choose “SKU”. Insert the SKU of your bundled product.

The second and third rule will be created very similarly. Name each rule with a slightly different name. The difference will be the numbers you include in sections A, B, and C above. For your last and final rule, omit section B.

After everything is finished, make sure to double check by placing the items in the cart at the respective quantity levels.

If you have any questions, please feel free to submit them in the comments below!

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