A little bit about TS

Tantalizing Stitches is the place to find your Bag Makin' Supplies.

Various types of magnetic snaps and swivel clips can be found as well as d rings and mini plastic bags.

Tantalizing Stitches first began as El's center for all things crocheted. But as she stock piled supplies and saw it overwhelm her craft room, she began selling supplies in her TS shop. The supplies were taking over so now TS is primarily a place to tantalize your creativity.

magnetic snaps

Browny with some help Blacky with some help

Tantalizing Stitches is dedicated to the welfare of animals.

TS was born and inspired by two cute but sickly puppies, Brownie and Blacky. Because of this, El donates a portion of her proceeds to animal charity. In particular, El donates 15% of the purchase price of all her handmade items and 5% of the purchase price of purse supplies (excluding etsy and ebay sales).

Tantalizing Stitches also supports independent artisans and crafters.

TS is proud to be affiliated with Crafting for Animals Guild, California Crafters Club of Etsy (CCCOE), SFEtsy (San Francisco Bay Area) and the Arts & Crafts Cooperative. If you are interested in joining any of these fine organizations, you can contact El at el@tantalizingstitches.com.

As the guild master of Crafting for Animals, El encourages all verified Artfire members who love animals to join. If you are not a verified member, you may still participate by subscribing to the CFA newsletter and creating animal interest stories for the blog.

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Shop at TS!

Although you can find TS at various online venues, TS provides the lowest prices at the TS Store. There you will find exceptional prices and best of all, 5% of your purchase price goes to animal charity. You can also easily purchase any quantity over the minimum quantity.

TS can also be found at these other venues: Artfire, Etsy, and Zibbet.

Behind the Scenes at TS

TS is an independent shop and completely family operated. El is the owner and founder of TS. As the store grew, she employed the assistance of her mother, Kay, as the Shipping Manager.

El loves to work with artisans from around the world. Besides trying to match hardware with each customer's needs, she loves to see what projects other people are completing. No wonder she fit right into the bag making hardware niche.

Kay is talented at finding new ways of packaging orders. She is also very knowledgeable about the Post Office and is often assisting post office customers while waiting in line to drop of the TS orders.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact El or Kay at el@tantalizingstitches.com or kay@tantalizingstitches.com.

As an artisan, El also runs her boutique hat store at Elephant Dance. There, El provides unique and adorable crocheted hats.

Adorable Crocheted Hats at Elephant DanceAdorable Crocheted Hats at Elephant DanceAdorable Crocheted Hats at Elephant Dance
The Beginnings of TS TS loves animals I Heart Crafters Shop TS online Behind the Scenes at TS zinbay.com

TS Blog

Our New Addition

Cutie KK

kk arrived in May and is our newest addition to the TS family.

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